The Work in Progress (WiP) Conference, offers an opportunity for Research Higher Degree students, those currently undertaking Honours, and early-career researchers, to present their research and to engage in friendly, yet academically rigorous, discussion.

Hosted by the School of English, Media Studies, and Art History at the University of Queensland, the theme of WiP2013 is “The Flesh of the World”.

WiP2013 draws together multi-disciplinary criticism that engages with representations of the body. In particular, WiP2013 seeks to question how the body’s mediation of a unique experience of the world is in turn creatively expressed through diverse aesthetic forms.

We invite submissions for individual papers of 20 minutes, with 10 minutes of questions to follow. We also welcome shorter readings, between 10 and 20 minutes, of creative works, for questions and feedback. A 200 word abstract, along with a brief biographical note, should be submitted to the conference convenors at uq.wip2013@gmail.com by 1 September 2013.

Papers may be guided, but not limited, to the following questions:

How does the sensuous experience of the body inform our experience of the world?

How have advances in technology changed the way in which the body is both represented and interpreted?

How have political or environmental changes impacted the way in which we experience the world, and aesthetic work?

How can we think of “the body” in terms of a body of work or criticism? How do these “bodies” develop and change over time?


the senses – modes of vision – tactility – taste and food – emotional response – sound and music – phenomenology – body modification – sexuality – embodiment – synaesthesia – landscape – the gothic – movement and motility – race – gender – the cyborg – fantastic bodies and worlds – reality – disability – bodily dissonance – performativity – medical discourse

Registration is open! Please register online.


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